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Don't ignore the hearing test

In recent years, with the popularity of MP3 and other music portable players, the number of young patients with ear disease has also increased significantly. Professor Wang Xijun, the inventor of titanium ossicles and a famous ear disease expert, said that in his expert clinic, 10-15 new cases of adolescent ear disease patients were treated every month, and the clinical manifestations were all noise ear diseases.
"Regarding the damage to hearing caused by MP3, relevant tests have been done abroad: If a person listens to MP3 for more than 6 hours a day or continuously for more than 2 hours, the probability of senile deafness will be 20 years earlier than that of ordinary people. "Professor Wang said that in the current outpatient clinics, young people aged 21-26 are more likely to hear ear disease when listening to MP3, and there are many students in school. Due to the early hearing loss caused by MP3 and other portable players, it is difficult to find out, so there are not many patients who consult in time, and many young people do not have this awareness.
"Noisy noise is more serious in cities now. The noise at construction sites is 80 decibels, and the sound in the subway is also 7 to 80 decibels. In such an environment, wearing earplugs to listen to music will unconsciously use the volume to "cover" the noise If this is the case, the volume may reach 100 decibels. In the long run, it will cause hearing loss and severe deafness." He suggested that you should not listen to MP3 in a noisy environment. Try to listen to MP3 every half an hour to an hour. Let the ears rest and the young people go for a hearing test every year.

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