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Hearing equipment calibration: the basis of audiology testing


In countries where many of the world's audiology has become popular and widely used, regular calibration of hearing equipment is still at a stage where it can be done. The calibration of hearing equipment is a basic technology that audiologists must master. It embodies the essence and characteristics of audiology as an interdisciplinary. However, in audiology education, hearing equipment calibration has not received the attention it deserves.


TDH39 air conduction headset for audiometer

In audiometry, the sound level of the audiometer is corrected to meet the hearing zero standard set by the National Bureau of Standards.) It can be said that the definition of hearing device calibration is to calibrate the output of the hearing device according to recognized standards. Important issues: First, the accepted calibration standards, and second, the calibration equipment and related procedures. Here is a brief description of the first problem, and then discuss the second issue. The original meaning of calibration refers to the use of recognized standards as the standard equipment. References, once the authority and legality of the standard are confirmed, any deviation from this standard is considered an error and must be immediately inspected and repaired. The audiometer standard is one of the most important documents for standardizing the technical characteristics of the audiometer and the calibration procedure. There are different standards for hearing equipment calibration. The most influential standards in the world are ISO, ISO, IEC, ANSI, Canada, CSA, Canadian Standards Association, etc. China draws on ISO and IEC standards The GB standard system. With the continuous development of global technological innovation, the implementation of unified hearing design worldwide Calibration standard is the general trend. China National Standards Committee in 2003 identified five-year international standards into our standard conversion rate to reach 70% of the work objectives. This will have profound implications for the development of audiology in China.

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