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  • VRA Visual Reinforcement Audiometry

    VRA Visual Reinforcement Audiometry

    Regulations stipulate daily personal noise exposure levels beyond which hearing protection should be used (Health and Safety Executive, HSE, 2005). If daily noise exposure is above the first action level of 80 dB(A) but below the second action level of 85 dB(A), hearing protection should be available to the employee. If daily noise exposure is beyond the second action level, or if any peak levels exceed 137 dB SPL then hearing protection must be used. Daily personal noise exposure level can be calculated from knowledge of the level and duration of the stimuli.

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  • Visual Reinforcement Audiometry

    Visual Reinforcement Audiometry

    Product Features: 1.Attractive rectangle shape 2.Aluminium alloy box 3.Built-in electric toy, LED lighting incentive box 4.Remote control, convenient and conceal 5.PE panel, Safe and beautiful 6.Contains all kinds of relevant cable 7.Can upgrade 8.Standard toy power plug, convenient to replace toys

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