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  • Infant Hearing Screening

    Infant Hearing Screening

    Stimulataion Level: 1.TEOAE: 60dB-80dB 2.DPOAE: 50dB-65dB Infant Hearing Screening 1.Components Host device, probe, base, adapter, earplug

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  • Middle-Ear Analyzer

    Middle-Ear Analyzer

    Middle-Ear Analyzer Measuring range Tympanogram:0.2cm³~5cm³ Tympanum compensation diagram:0cm³ ~2cm³

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  • Audiometer AD104

    Audiometer AD104

    Diagnostics audiometer AD104 AC/BC/SPK Continus/Pulse/Warble With software Can connect with PC for printing Air conduction: Frequency: 125Hz-8000Hz; Max output volume:120Db. Bone Conduction: Frequency: 250Hz-6000Hz; Max output volume:60dB

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  • Audiometer AD100

    Audiometer AD100

    Accurate positioning Intelligentize Ultra-long Standby Time Touchkey personalized setting

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  • Audiometric Booth

    Audiometric Booth

    Single door audiometric booth Double door audiometric booth Mobile audiometric booth Customize dimension is available

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  • Battery tester for Hearing Aids

    Battery tester for Hearing Aids

    Hearing aid Battery tester color: Orange, black, yellow

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  • OAE Hearing Screener

    OAE Hearing Screener

    1.Support both TEOAE and DPOAE test 2.Completely objective test 3.High accuracy 4. Rapid: test per ear within 30 seconds 5.Applicable to all age groups, esp. ideal for children and newborn infants

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  • Diagnostic Audiometer

    Diagnostic Audiometer

    Audiometer AD104 is a basic diagnostic instrument that uses pure tone signals to check for hearing loss at various frequencies. It mainly uses a microcomputer control host and can perform separate tests without connecting to a computer.

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  • Portable Audiometer

    Portable Audiometer

    1.Built-in battery: nominal voltage 7.4V/5000mAh; continuous operation≥8 hours, standby operation mode≥ 1 week 2.Computer interface: USB 2.0 data transmission interface, can be connected to the workstation for printing test report 3.18.portable, lightweight: weight: the host is about 910g, the gross weight is about 4.6kg

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  • Screening Audiometer

    Screening Audiometer

    AD105 technical specifications Portable, AC/BC/SPK

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  • Double-door Audiometric Booth

    Double-door Audiometric Booth

    Specifications 1.Stable structure 2.Good sound insulation effect 3.Can remove

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  • Hearing Aid Programmer Mini Pro

    Hearing Aid Programmer Mini Pro

    *Mini Size, very handy *Working fast and stably *Cost-effective

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