Single door audiometric booth
Double door audiometric booth
Mobile audiometric booth
Customize dimension is available
General Specifications:
1) Single-layer Wall and single door, All-steel modular structure
2) Outer Dimensions:1.2*1.2*2.3m
Inner Dimensions:1.0*1.0*2.0m
3) Outer Area: 1.44m2;
4) The thickness of the wall is about 60mm.
5) The size of the soundproof booth window is 380×600mm.
6) With this specification, the cost on space and materials are minimized while the soundproof effect is guaranteed.
7) Electrostatic spraying technology is applied to the exterior wall
surface while a polyester fiber sound absorbing panel is used forthe interior wall.
Mobile audiometry room(booth) is a small-size steel integrated room that dedicated for
hearing aid fitting mechanism, it has scroll whell, so it’s convenient to move. Applicable For small
and medium size of hearing aid fitting mechanism.
1.(1) Internal structure: ATWL-F, wall and top surface use porous aluminum-plastic plate or decorative cotton, ground use carpet, stable structure, fine sound insulation effect, detachable, removable.
(2) External structure: steel plate shield, visual glass observation window, professional soundproof door.
(2)Professional soundproof door.
(3) Visual glass observation window.(900mx700m)Can be customized on the basic of customer needs.
(4)Independent exhaust system: an indoor air outlet, a silencer, an exhaust fan.
(5) A adapter(12 holes), several tielines.
(6)A power socket.
(7) A exhaust system switch.
(8) A lighting switch.
(9) A lighting fixture.
(10) A set of equipment hook.
When the noise of the room ≤ 55dB, noise in the audiometric room ≤ 26dB
Selling Units:Single item
Single volume:2100000 cm 3
Single gross weight:400.0 kg
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