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  • Battery tester for Hearing Aids

    Battery tester for Hearing Aids

    Hearing aid Battery tester color: Orange, black, yellow

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  • Programmable BTE Hearing Aids

    Programmable BTE Hearing Aids

    Technical specifications PC computer -USB communication: SB 2.0 full speed(USB 1.1 compatible) HP equipment - Voltage rating: 3.8V - 9V Maximum current consumption: <500 mA(2.5W) Minimum current consumption: <500μA(2.5mW) Size and weight Size(L*W*H)94mm×82 mm×25mm

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  • ITC Hearing Aids

    ITC Hearing Aids

    1.Attractive appearance 2.SuperiorStructure and performance 3.Easy operation

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  • Digital BTE Hearing Aids

    Digital BTE Hearing Aids

    1. Improve hearing ability - As a sound amplifying device, the hearing aid can effectively amplify the outside world. Users with hearing loss can improve their hearing ability by wearing a hearing aid and hearing the amplified sound signal. 2. Improve speech resolution - hearing loss can affect people's daily communication, and hearing aid can improve resolution

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  • Hearing Aid Battery Tester

    Hearing Aid Battery Tester

    Portable,convenient way to carry your hearing aid battery tester Pocket-size with key ring and battery holder compartment With digital display and battery storage space.

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