Diagnostics audiometer AD104

With software
Can connect with PC for printing
Air conduction: Frequency: 125Hz-8000Hz; Max output volume:120Db.
Bone Conduction: Frequency: 250Hz-6000Hz; Max output volume:60dB
Accurate positioning
Ultra-long Standby Time
personalized setting
Audiometer AD104 is a basic diagnostic instrument that uses pure tone signals to check for hearing loss at various frequencies. It mainly uses a microcomputer control host and can perform separate tests without connecting to a computer.
1.Built-in battery: nominal voltage 7.4V/5000mAh; continuous operation≥8 hours, standby operation mode≥ 1 week
2.Computer interface: USB 2.0 data transmission interface, can be connected to the workstation for printing test report
3.18.portable, lightweight: weight: the host is about 910g, the gross weight is about 4.6kg
GA0702 technical specifications
Test function:Air conduction test ,bone conduction test
Channel :Two independent channels
Masking :white noise
Output :Air conduction/bone conduction
Intensity :0〜110 db , 5 db increasing
Frequency range : 125〜8000Hz
Sound stimulation:pure tone , warble tone and pulse tone
Masking signal : white noise
Response System : manual control
Precision :frequency: ±0.05 %; intensity: ±1dB
Sweep signal :pure tone / warble tone, 125〜8000Hz ,40〜90dBSPL
Noisy signal :15 minutes. 40-90dBSPL(The computer automatic scanning)
Sweep Time :3 minutes
Test Standard :ANSIS3.22-1987 ,1996 ; GB/T734.1
Standard :3A
ANSI S3.6-1996
USB interface:USB2.0 high-speed
Supply Voltage:5V
Access Equipment:MIC
Size:L*W*H: 20.5X14.5X4(CM)
Weight :726g(bare machine)
Frequency and maximum output intensity
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