Diagnostics audiometer AD104

With software
Can connect with PC for printing
Air conduction: Frequency: 125Hz-8000Hz; Max output volume:120Db.
Bone Conduction: Frequency: 250Hz-6000Hz; Max output volume:60dB
Accurate positioning
Ultra-long Standby Time
personalized setting
Audiometer AD104 is a basic diagnostic instrument that uses pure tone signals to check for hearing loss at various frequencies. It mainly uses a microcomputer control host and can perform separate tests without connecting to a computer.
1.Built-in battery: nominal voltage 7.4V/5000mAh; continuous operation≥8 hours, standby operation mode≥ 1 week
2.Computer interface: USB 2.0 data transmission interface, can be connected to the workstation for printing test report
3.18.portable, lightweight: weight: the host is about 910g, the gross weight is about 4.6kg
GA0702 technical specifications
Test function:Air conduction test ,bone conduction test
Channel :Two independent channels
Masking :white noise
Output :Air conduction/bone conduction
Intensity :0〜110 db , 5 db increasing
Frequency range : 125〜8000Hz
Sound stimulation:pure tone , warble tone and pulse tone
Masking signal : white noise
Response System : manual control
Precision :frequency: ±0.05 %; intensity: ±1dB
Sweep signal :pure tone / warble tone, 125〜8000Hz ,40〜90dBSPL
Noisy signal :15 minutes. 40-90dBSPL(The computer automatic scanning)
Sweep Time :3 minutes
Test Standard :ANSIS3.22-1987 ,1996 ; GB/T734.1
Standard :3A
ANSI S3.6-1996
USB interface:USB2.0 high-speed
Supply Voltage:5V
Access Equipment:MIC
Size:L*W*H: 20.5X14.5X4(CM)
Weight :726g(bare machine)
Frequency and maximum output intensity
1.Accessary of audiometer which widely use in the ENT of the hospital and hearing aid store.
2.Pure tone audimetory.
3.High frequency audiometry
4.Speech audiometry
5.Sound field test
6.Buit in noise measure
· Air conduction, bone conduction and speech test
· Complete standard word list
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