1.(1) Internal structure: ATWL-F, wall and top surface use porous aluminum-plastic plate or decorative cotton, ground use carpet, stable structure, fine sound insulation effect, detachable, removable.
(2) External structure: steel plate shield, visual glass observation window, professional soundproof door.
(2)Professional soundproof door.
(3) Visual glass observation window.(900mx700m)Can be customized on the basic of customer needs.
(4)Independent exhaust system: an indoor air outlet, a silencer, an exhaust fan.
(5) A adapter(12 holes), several tielines.
(6)A power socket.
(7) A exhaust system switch.
(8) A lighting switch.
(9) A lighting fixture.
(10) A set of equipment hook.
When the noise of the room ≤ 55dB, noise in the audiometric room ≤ 26dB
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